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The best tips in the industry should be followed to the staking system to make profits. 1pt = 2% of your punting fund (balance), when you have turned over your balance once review the 1% of new punting fund and repeat the cycle again.

For example a £500 punting fund:

  • 1pt = 1%
  • 100 x 1pts would = One full cycle of turning over your balance
  • Balance now equals 1000 in this example
  • New punting fund = £1000
  • 1 p (1%) = £10


Daily Trends Horses

Daily horses that match up with previous profiles of winners of the races will be put on site every evening. You should then review the shortlist and see what you think is good value and has a chance of winning.

Platinum Tips – on occasion we will put up multiples for Platinum Tips horses if we have multiple tips/insights on that day.

Platinum Tips (Ante Post) – build your portfolio for all the big festivals and big races. Cheltenham Festival, Royals Ascot, Breeders Cup, Melbourne Cup, Kentucky Derby, King George, Saturday races and much much more.

Our Horse Racing Tips are use Horse Racing Trends plus we have a platinum Horse Racing Tips service. We provide Horse Racing Tips Today and every day. We have two separate types of Horse Racing Tips: Horse Racing Trends and Horse Racing Tips platinum service. Please subscribe to get Horse Racing Tips Today.